Astounding Vertical Garden Design Inspirations

Wall Hanging Garden

Do you want to give a green natural look of your interior design? Do you have enough space to make a garden inside your house? no? yeah.. I think vertical garden design is something you really need. Can you imagine how a garden can stand inside your house? it is smartly designed by the garden designer and home interior designer as their collaboration project. It is more like a green wall in your house with no paint.

The location you want to build vertical garden up must be a place where you usually having time in it. The living room is famous space where the vertical garden built. It gives a natural sensation when you have a time with your friend while seeing the green plants around. The stairs is also a perfect place because it is a common place where you and your family walk. Look at the picture the very high stairway is growth by the plants. With the whole white wall, the green look is something fresh and calming.

Before doing and designing the vertical garden design, you need to consider about some things such as the plants you want to plant and the perfect time to plant. The perfect time need to make sure that the plants grow well and naturally. You can see more designs of vertical garden at the picture gallery. So, keep reading then click the thumbnails.

Picture of Vertical Gardens Design Inspirations

Vertical Garden with Vases

vertical garden wall decoration

vertical garden stairwell

vertical garden project

vertical garden by patrick blanc

vertical garden in front of the bedroom

the curve plants garden wall

stunning hanging garden wall

romantic vertical garden wall at the pool

plants floor and terrific vertical garden wall

minimalist mezzanine living room with vertical garden

living wall large vertical garden

modern living room with vertical garden design ideas

living room surprising plants wall

interesting green plant wall

exotic green vertical countainer plants

beautiful green garden wall

appealing glass floor with garden vertical wall

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