Basic Ideas for Hanging Closet Doors

hanging closet doors

We can say that hanging closet doors are the most common door type which usually used for closet organizer system beside sliding door and pocket door. Hanging is matched with any types of closet organizer whether for the walk in closet, racks, shelves, and so on.

If you want to have closet doors which can show what inside the closet all in once then hanging door should be what you need. Hanging or hinged door made from many materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. Which one do you like the best are depend on closet models, styles, and room decorations. Anyway, we would like to give you several tips and tricks to decorate your hanging closet doors, so they can be more attractive.

1.Try to use vintage decoration: If you have a house with traditional or vintage style then use a hanging door with vintage hardware to maximize room decoration. First try to search the hardware at an antique store or Humanities ReStore and find items which taken from Arts and Crafts, Victorian building, Deco, and such as. For example, you can try to find door knob with Vintage feeling. If the hardware is already stripped of its paint color then you can fix it by repainting it again.

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2.Try to make the closet door blend with the interior decoration: If you apply wallpaper or specific paint colors on the walls then you can try to make the closet organizer blend with whole interior decoration. Try to decorate the door with wallpaper or just paint it with the same color which you use to paint the walls. You can try to cut the wallpaper into the size of the closet door or paint it with the same color of wallpaper background color on the wall.

Try to use these two ideas of hanging closet doors to alter not only the closet organizer but also the rest of the room.

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