Coat Closet Organization to Fit All Items Inside

coat closet organization

Coat Closet Organization idea is important so you could use it to make your coat closet clean. The coat closet, which is usually available near the door area, would be filled with not only coat but shoes, umbrella, and small household items. Sadly not all houses features large coat closet that could fits them all freely, that is why organization for your closet would be needed so you could use the space inside the closet effectively.

Organizing Your Coat Closet to Fit All

  1. Take out all items inside the closet so you could start with fresh closet. But do not forget to clean it because coat closet tends to get dirty especially in the spring season where there are a lot of rains.
  2. Short the items you have taken out, throw coat that has worn out and put items that should not be inside the coat closet to its rightful place.
  3. Group the items based on their types, coat with coat, shoes and boots together, then fold the umbrella neatly for coat closet organization.
  4. Put shelves on the floor so you could arrange your shoes inside. For frequently use shoes, you may not want to put it inside the shoe box.
  5. Put a rack on top of the hanging rod, and then store small household items inside a box to be place on the rack, or you could also get drawer for your rack so it could be easily reach.
  6. Purchase over the door hanger to store scarf, purse, gloves and other small things
  7. Hang the coats on the hanger rod; you could organize it based on its color or size.
  8. For coat closet organization place an umbrella stand on the floor in front of the shoe shelf then put inside all umbrellas neatly, you could also put container beside it if necessary.

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