DIY Fake Fireplaces for Decoration

Fake Fireplaces for Decoration

Fake fireplaces for decoration are the way to minimize the cost. As people know that fireplace can be a solution to get a great home’s decoration. But on the other hand, creating a fireplace at home is not cheap. Fireplace needs some materials like wood, brick and other materials. Besides the material, a new fireplace in an old home needs a free space. It means that people must redecorate their home and break a part of their wall to get a fireplace. It is not a big deal for a big home but it is a problem for smaller home. Whereas, the fireplace only have a function to be an additional decoration of people’s home in certain moment or just to be the way to express people’s feeling.

Sometimes, people want to get a different decoration for their home like in charismas. People want to get a fireplace with charismas theme like a sock fireplace, snow fireplace, or pine fireplace. On the other hand, people want to express their feeling by having chic things in their home as well. Here will be explained some DIYs of fake fireplaces for decoration with a low cost. The first is a fireplace which can present a charismas atmosphere in people’s home. A hanging sock fireplace is the name of this fireplace.

Then, draw a fire with a yellow and red color. Cut it until it has a perfect shape like the true fire. Put it between the two walls. Going to the next step, please draw two socks with same size. Paint it with different colors. For the example is white-red background with some dots and red-green with star pattern. Cut it into perfect socks. Hang it on the white wall of the fire place. As a finishing step, give some charismas ornaments on the white wall of fireplace. The fake fireplaces for decoration are done. Put it in the good space of people’s home.

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Fake Fireplaces for Decoration

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