Elegant Purple Walls Bedroom

purple wall bedroom designs

Identical bedrooms with quiet atmosphere that gives comfort. Thus, in designing the colors for the bedroom much to choose cool colors one of which is the color purple. Besides giving soothing shades, the color purple can make a room look attractive.

Purple is the color of spirituality, such as white, purple to contain healing powers. Similar to the color blue, the color purple has been able to transmit energy that creates a harmonious atmosphere of peace in the bedroom. For those of you who want to create an impression, you can try to select the purple walls bedroom to design your private room.

Create atmosphere of the bedroom appear soft, light, and fun by applying lilac shades. This color can you use as the base color is the background of the bedroom. Purple bedroom walls also will bring a fresh impression, a touch of elegant beauty. Apply lavender in all areas of your bedroom wall. Wrap shades of mauve color can be at once raises a reassuring calm atmosphere so that when you are getting quality rest. To be increasingly felt comfortable rooms, balancing applications with beige purple wall at the floor and ceiling.

Next create room look beautiful with a combination of beige and mauve colors on filler element. For example, in combination with the beige bed sheets, bed covers, cushions or beige patterned purple. Its presence can be a calming graceful accents. For other furniture such as desks, cabinets, chairs, or accessories lamp shades, and curtains should choose cream-colored.

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