Elements for Linen Closet Organization Ideas

linen closet organization ideas

Linen closet organization ideas are ideal for storing your linen items and other stuffs beside clothes such as towels, bed cover, bed spread, toilet tissue, and many more. With the right linen closet organization, you will also serve the guest better and make the great impression when they stay at your home and use the rooms.

Essential Elements for Linen Closet Organization

Good linen closet organization will have these essential elements such as:

  1. Labels: Install labels on the linen closet organization shelves will help the entire family member and the guest to find what they need easily. You can find baskets or boxes for linen closet which has a spot to install labels. If you have thick shelves then you may want to add label holder that made from wood or metal. You can screw the label holder on your own. Simple adhesive labels also a good alternative for wood or metal label holders.
  2. Shelf dividers: Most of the linen closet organization ideas have shelf dividers to prevent the linen mix with each other when someone grabs a towel. This divider will work well on large and flat shelves by hold sheets, towels, and other linen items. If your linen closet does not have shelf dividers yet then you can try to buy them on home improvement store or make dividers on your own with wood material. When finished, just screw the dividers on the shelves.

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  1. Baskets and boxes: Baskets and boxes will help you organize the linen better. Just purchase baskets and boxes that fit with the linen closet, and therefore you need to measure the shelves before buying those elements. You need to use different baskets and boxes for different linens such as for the soap, hand towels, bath towels, and other toiletries.

Make sure that your linen closet organization ideas have these three basic elements.

Linen Closet Organization Picture Ideas

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