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How to renew an old bathroom and obtain a functional room, modern and spacious? The tricks to maximize space during the renovation of a small bathroom remodel according to the tastes. The design of the restructuring that led to the renewal of this bathroom has been tailored to the customer – a young single man with refined tastes and bold enough to accept the proposal of the designer to create a space different from the usual.

The result is a small bathroom remodel with excellent. The renovation started from a normal bath in a common building some ‘elderly. On the right in fact has been erected a dry wall two meters high, placed diagonally with respect to the walls of the bathroom. The boiler was a key that could not be moved or deleted. The solution has been identified with the installation of a triangular wall closet with sliding door, positioned at right angles to the wall of the basin.

small bathroom remodel

In the corner was a compartment for the boiler, while the visible parts were mounted shelves for towels and cosmetics. On the back side of the drywall has been carved a niche for shower, no shower tray and raised from the ground with a step. In the narrowest part of the shower was created a niche covered with mosaics to be used as a stand or as a seat. On the left side we find the renovated bathroom toilet bowl and urinal. For once it was flown over the doubts and prejudices in the Urinal a private bathroom: practicality, first of all, has decreed the owner.

And finally, the choice of finishes: you have chosen a color palette in shades of beige and brown, in this case a mosaic variant Desert and large beige tile. Above the window was fitted with a wooden Venetian, while the ceiling has been lowered with a false ceiling that allowed mounting of the recessed spotlights. That’s a few suggestions to make your small bathroom remodel look more different than before.

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