Large Square Coffee Table for Your Kitchen Bar

large square coffee table

The large square coffee table actually the same with square coffee table, but different from its size. It is more than larger and longer than a usual square coffee table, so you have to think twice where this thing will be placed. Let me give you one idea on this article. How about to make a kitchen bar by placing a square coffee table in a larger size? It is an artistic yet different idea than before, right? Actually, you can make a little kitchen bar by placing a modern material kitchen bar. But, a coffee table can replace it and make your kitchen bar fresher.

Make a kitchen bar by placing a coffee table in a larger size is remind us of rustic style. You can also steal rustic style to design your kitchen bar and place a larger square coffee table in your kitchen, including its bar chairs. You can choose wood as its material because the rustic style is so identical with furniture that made from wood and has a simple yet strong accent. Don’t forget to measure the size of your coffee table, because coffee table’s size for kitchen bar is different than usual. This is also good for you to know how to fit the table in your house to make it comfortable.

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And now, let’s think about your kitchen bar decoration. It definitely needs kitchen bar chairs, kitchen bar lights, and even table cloth. You can choose an art print table cloth, such as Aztec print, chevron print, and so on to make a contrast colour with your kitchen bar. I guess a monochrome colour is good to be applied as your table cloth if your coffee table is made from wood. For the kitchen bar lights, you can put two or three simple hanging lights above the kitchen bar. So, if you want to place a large square coffee table in your home, you can place it as your kitchen bar.

Large Square Coffee Table with Pictures

dark wood large square coffee table with drawers

modern ottoman large square coffee table

reclaimed wood large square coffee table firniture

large square antique coffee table

large square black coffee table

large square outdoor coffee table

wooden large square coffee table for modern living room

modern large square coffee table set

large wood square cherry coffee table

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Large Square Coffee Table for Your Kitchen Bar