Many Kinds of Corner Closet Organizer

corner closet organizer

Corner closet organizer is a suitable idea for you who have limited space in a home. Corner closet uses corner space and utilizes the area as much as possible. There are lots of types for corner closet which you can choose and whatever options you choose it will not spend too much room:

  1. Corner Shelving: If you looking for corner closer organizer which cheaper and does not need difficult installment then you may choose corner shelving. Corner shelving suitable to store your clutter shirts, socks, and other folded items. It also has many different sizes and designs.
  2. Corner wardrobe: Corner wardrobe can be used if you closet already full and it matches with your bedroom furniture. Moreover, it also has a lighter material and smaller size compared with regular wardrobe. The extra hanging area is what corner wardrobe useful for.
  3. Portable hanging closet: Portable hanging closet is great to fill unused corner when you need extra storage. You can fill it with seasonal items or maybe everyday clothes instead. There also garment bags which can be placed on the portable unit to store shirts and clothes.
  4. Permanent corner closet: Use corner between two walls to build permanent corner closet. It may need some carpentry skill but it is good as extra storage and you can also add hanging area or shelves. First, you need to decide the sizes of the corner closet. Measure the area before you purchase the material. Next, choose what kind of entrance styles you want to use. There are lots of entrance styles such as a single door, swinging door, and double doors.
  5. Rods for corner closet: Install corner closet rod inside your corner closet organizer. This rod has ninety-degree angle which suitable and fit for a small closet. The rod will allow you to hang the clothes without extra space.

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