Many Kinds of Louvered Sliding Closet Doors

louvered sliding closet doors

Louvered sliding closet doors allow the air to flow from inside to an outside of the door through the small space even though the door is closed. Louvered doors made from various materials which you can choose from home improvement doors. If you plan to install louvered doors then you may want to read this quick review such as:

  1. Wood material for Louvered doors: Wood is the most common material used for Louvered and there are a lot of option which you can choose such as dark brown wood, light brown wood, white painted wood, black wood, and much more. Wood material gives traditional feeling and it suitable for many room designs since it has neutral styles.
  2. The metal material for Louvered doors: Metal louvered suitable for modern or contemporary design. You can say that metal material is very durable for a closet door. If you think that the metal door is already dull then you can paint it over. Moreover, if you want to hide the metal louvered doors then you can hang or install blinds. You can choose stainless steel louvered doors, aluminum louvered doors, and much more.
  3. Plastic Material for Louvered doors: Plastic also common to use as louvered sliding closet doors beside wood material. It has many kinds of colors and models plus easy to be cleaned. Plastic material is very durable and easy to be installed.

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Whether you install plastic, wood, or metal louvered sliding doors, you can treat and easy update them with some ideas such as hang heavy curtain with a metal rod to cover entire sliding doors, so you can keep the privacy of your closet area. Since sliding door is hard to be installed than any closet doors type, you may want to hire professional to help you deal with louvered sliding closet doors.

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