Popular Ideas for Sliding Glass Closet Doors

sliding glass closet doors

Sliding glass closet doors are suitable in small room since they can help to illuminate the room and give larger space feeling. Sliding glass door is never outdated since it is match with modern design and you can always give or add simple decorative for the sliding glass doors. Here four different ideas which you can try to decorate the sliding glass door:

wood and glass sliding closet doors for modern bedroom

  1. Install curtain with pull-cord curtain rod: Sometimes glass closet door is very easy to reflect the sunlight which come from the window into the room. If you do not want to this happen then you can hang beautiful curtain with pull-cord curtain rod over the closet door. Besides curtain, you can also choose sheer instead which have simple, but dramatic look.
  2. Etching: To create unique decoration on the modern sliding closet doors with glasses then you can add etching with Leptat acid or sandblasting methods. You can use both the methods to design the glass with your initial or family name. Sandblasting is easily to be applied than Leptat acid, but it may not as accurate as Leptat acid.
  3. Spray paint: Use the spray paint to add some pictures or attractive border around the sliding glass door. Moreover, if you have kids then you can try to put fun and unique drawing on the bottom of the closet door, so your kids can enjoy it especially when they playing at their room.
  4. Window Film: We often see window film for bathroom windows which actually can be applied into sliding glass door. It will create frost window film on the glass or mirror and make it more attractive.

You can choose to have pocket door or bypass door for your sliding glass closet doors and both of the types have their own attractively plus can be decorated with four ideas above.

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