Popular Japanese Garden Decor with Minimalist Design

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Garden with Japanese touch is generally known all around the world with its minimalist appeal. With the addition of many variant plants featuring in Japanese garden, the space needs to be filled with anything else. Because the empty space can be influential as what is not there. In completing the whole approach of Japanese Garden, it would be recommendable to not over think about the garden as what it should look like. You do not necessarily need a lot of plants, the few ones much if they are pretty much carefully placed.

People might assume that having a Japanese Garden decor means that there should be no presence of the flowering plants. This assumption is never true at all. As a come up, the plant such azaleas are generally used. Of course, it is truly dependent on the type of region and the type of soil that you are going to create your Japanese garden. As for the azaleas, they usually bloom two times during one year planting and they provide beautiful green foliage. Aside from that the azaleas are known with their long-lasting flowers.

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In addition to that, Japanese irises are the plant that is most wonderfully well-known for Japanese garden. The Japanese irises gives off a great extensive color to the garden, After all, having a flowering plant in your Japanese garden can provide additional natural color to the beauty of the garden.

That is all about flowering plants. Flowering trees are also favorable to add when it comes to japanese garden decor. For instance, flowering tree such plum tree and the crepe myrtle. These flowering trees are quite famous in Japanese garden. As for the crepe myrtle, most people argue that this flowering tree is pretty messy to be chosen but the advantage is that leaves and flowers are shed by them at different times during one year.

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