Pros and Cons of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

wrought iron patio furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture remains a popular purchase for many homeowners looking to improve the look and utility of their outdoor area. Many appreciate the good looks and historical feel of wrought iron, but wonder whether or not it is truly a good choice of outdoor furniture. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using patio furniture.

The advantages of wrought iron patio furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture has many great traits. Two of the most significant are appearance and overall durability. The look of wrought iron is what sells most people on the patio furniture. The pieces are usually painted in a flat black and feature ornate patterning and a classy antique look. That look is not an accident, as most of the patio furniture produced in wrought iron today is at least loosely based on patters popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

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People describe the look of wrought iron in many different ways. It has been referred to as “stately,” “old-fashioned,” “classy,” and “decorative.” No matter what exact terms one uses to describe the metals and furnishing constructed from it, wrought iron is certainly attractive to many buyers. It has a unique look people love.

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Wrought iron patio furniture is also relatively durable. Although malleable by the standards of other irons and steels, it is certainly strong enough to stand up to years of use in a patio or outdoor situation. As we will discuss later, patio furniture does have a tendency to oxidize, but this problem is minimized by modern treatments and the overall durability of iron is still tough to beat.

There, are however, reasons to think twice before making a wrought iron outdoor furniture purchase.

The disadvantages of wrought iron

Wrought iron patio furniture can be expensive. When compared to plastic and resin alternatives, it is extremely expensive. When compared with other more upscale options, such as redwood, wrought iron still tends to cost more, although the differential may be slightly less pronounced.

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Cost is a factor in virtually any purchase, and the selection of patio furniture is no exception. Cost can be a prohibitive factor for many homeowners who might otherwise be interested in patio furniture ideas.

These furnishings also have a tendency to rust. In the early days of wrought iron, in fact, the metal was treated with a special wax sealant for that very reason. Today, no one relies on wax to treat the metal, but a variety of paints and other coatings have been designed to stave off rust. Oxidation is still a problem, to some extent, however, and buyers should consider the humidity of their area and the likelihood of rust setting in on their patio furnishings.

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There are some very good reasons to by wrought iron, but there are also a few disadvantages to buying patio furniture made of the material. Some may love it, others may pass. Regardless, it is not a surprise to encounter wrought iron patio furniture in many backyards.

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