Review: Baby Closet Organizer IKEA

baby closet organizer ikea

Baby closet organizer IKEA is very useful especially when you want to create neater space in your baby nursery room. Especially since baby needs a lot of things so their items would eventually pile up which makes the room looked messy.

Using organizer purchase in IKEA

  1. Before you purchase any organizer, you should first know the size of your baby closet so you would now how much space that you have inside them. Measure not only height and width but also the deep size of closet, which people sometimes forget about. Put a note of the measurement so you would not forget.
  2. Make a drawing with the right scale from the measurement that you have before so you would know how much the space would fit in. this will also help you to plan which organizer you will purchase. The drawing would then filled with many organizer so you would have more information about the size and type so do not get lost because you do not know what you need from baby closet organizer IKEA.
  3. First thing that you need is second hanger, since baby clothes is small, there would be enough space for more hanger inside the closet. Just measure the space for first hanger and add second one with the same amount of space.
  4. Next you need to purchase rack. If it is possible try to find enough space above the baby closet so you could get extra space, but if there is no space, then you could put them right above the hanger.

Last purchase shelf from Baby Closet Organizer IKEA to be placed on the floor of the closet. Make sure there are some bins or basket for the rack so it would be easier to organize your baby clothing later on.

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