Simple Zebra Print Room Decor Ideas

zebra print room decor

If you want tropical and zebra print room decor with a light decor, cool and well ventilated for your home or apartment, considered an island theme. The combination of rich colors inspired by the beach, use of natural materials like wood and focus on the palms as well as botanical details and tropical themes, create an environment that will provide a careful balance of stimulation and relaxation. Use natural wood tones to create a fresh and organic. The jute and bamboo work fine. Consider using straw coverings in high traffic areas or carpets with tropical prints or designs with leaves. These rugs will add a contemporary touch, especially if you choose bright colors.

The wall decor further defines the look of island zebra print room decor. If you prefer a rustic beach environment, uses a stucco finish. The coating to woven fiber walls, moreover, gives a more sophisticated. To get an idea of the colors you can use, look at the nuances that occur naturally in an island: the blues and greens of the sea, sand tones or yellow sun. To make the most fun and striking walls, consider painting fish or ocean scenes in various parts of these. Paint some fish swimming around a reef or a plant. Also, consider using adhesive – themed designs under water or beach. A theme of plants to decorate the wall will work fine.

Looking for worn parts that have small details and ornaments carved designs or themed or Tropical Island. The wicker furniture always gives an outdoor aspect of interior spaces. For a true home inspired by an island, using sunlight as much as possible. Choose rattan or bamboo Roman shades or sheer curtains hanging in light or bright colors. For artificial light, choose lamps and fixtures that produce an ambient glow throughout the space. Lamps and fans of any natural material, wood or porcelain, for example, add a touch retailer. This is suitable if you looking for decorative pieces that the natural coastal environment and zebra print room decorations.

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