Small Courtyard Ideas 2016

small courtyard ideas 2016

How to make small courtyard ideas in a limited area? You want a home design small courtyard, but have limited space? Read on these three tips on how you can still set up your courtyard in a small area. The ideas are very simple and can be easily implemented. Whether on the balcony, on the terrace or in the small courtyard, be prepared for warm days and set up a cozy little courtyard. A small courtyard design – set up flowers in planter. If you have a small courtyard design and will have little room for it, there is a very simple solution. Place the plants in flower pots. You can even decide courtyard and planting vegetables and fruit plants in container for a mini herb. This idea you can implement on the small balcony and even inside the house. If you have a bit of space in the yard, make gradual flower pots of different size and shape and set up a small green corner.

Green wall with geometric is pattern of the small courtyard ideas. If you make small courtyard want, but the area is not enough, remember to explore the vertical space. A vertical courtyard is not only a treat for the eyes and a very original decoration, but rather a practical solution for courtyard design. In this way you will only vertical space occupied and have enough space for example, a seating area in the courtyard. Think. Variety of creative patterns and various species of plants that you can use for your green wall and create an entirely original natural decoration in the courtyard or on the facade of the house

The last way to use the limited space for a small courtyard optimally is the window sill. Set up a small flower pots and set them on the windowsill. In this way you will not only have a beautiful decoration for small courtyard ideas, but the plants are getting enough light.

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