Types of Closet Shelf Organizer

closet shelf organizer

Closet shelf organizer has many types of models, and styles which matched with the needs. Maybe you need to store shoes, small items, folded clothes, kitchen stuffs, everyday items, seasonal things, and many more. Usually, shelves are used for extra storage by installed it next to the main closet organizer, behind the door. It also uses to make the room more beautiful which has double functions: storage need and decorative display.

Many Kinds of Closet Shelf Organizer

There are many kinds of closet shelf such as:

  1. Door shelves: If your closet room has swings type instead of sliding door then you can install door shelves. This door shelf will serves as extra storage and you can install it with the exception that it does not obstruct the door when you close and open it. With door shelves, store your bags, shoes, and other accessories.
  2. Out of season shelves: These shelves useful to store your entire out of season items which you still want to keep. Out of season shelves can be installed right above the main closet organizer by space the higher shelf from the ceiling to store your bulky items. Add other out of season shelf just below this one to store out of season items like jackets and sweaters.
  3. Shoes shelves: Purchase shoes shelves to store your boots and shoes and install them just below or on the base of the main closet. Determine the height of the shelves by measure your shoes and find the most suitable one.
  4. Single shelf: Single shelf is the most common shelf which installed above the hanging rods, so you can reach items easily. This single shelf can accommodate large volume of your clothes and items.

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You can purchase closet shelf organizer at home improvement store or purchase shelf kits which easily to be built and installed.

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